What is Orarion?

Orarion is the world's first music notation software designed specifically for writing Orthodox choral music. Combining an incredibly intuitive notation system and powerful modern automation, you can create beautiful sheet music faster and easier than ever before!

What's so different about Orarion is the music writing process itself. Unlike traditional point-and-click scorewriters, you first set the music for a chant, and then type in the lyrics, with some simple markings indicating how you want the melody to fit around the lyrics - Orarion does the rest!

The world's fastest and most intuitive scorewriter

Orarion's uniquely developed notation system allows you to create, edit and format choral sheet music with incredible speed, ease and flexibility. Together with many features exclusive to Orarion, you can produce a fully formatted PDF score in minutes.

Easy to learn and use

Due to its high degree of automation, the process for creating music in Orarion is incredibly simple. This means that you can write all the music you want quickly, without the stress that usually comes with formatting sheet music. Additionally, the whole software is on the website, so there's no need to ever download and install anything! Plus, our unlimited tech support is always available to answer questions, offer tutorials and demonstrations!

Access to chants from around the world

Orarion has been designed to make it easy to share not just sheet music, but entire chants. In addition to being able to create and share your own music, the Orarion website includes libraries of fully customisable chants and podobens from all over the Orthodox world.

Endless resources, always available

The ability to very quickly and easily create the sheet music you need means you can give your singers endless resources, tailored to their needs. You can create a living and dynamic repertoire for your kliros, where everything sounds the way you want it to.